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Brent Lyall has it all. At 23 years old he has a beautiful girlfriend, two Brownlow medals, and he's already the captain of one of the most powerful football clubs in the land. There's just one small hitch.
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Managing Carmen

Venue Playhouse, QPAC
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Dates From 13 Oct to 4 Nov 2012

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Brent Lyall has it all. At 23 years old he has a beautiful girlfriend, two Brownlow medals, and he's already the captain of one of the most powerful football clubs in the land. There's just one small hitch. Occasionally he enjoys dressing up in women's clothes. Uncovering his client's penchant for cross dressing, Brent's wily agent Rohan Swift swings into damage control to prevent the devastating truth from coming out. The media already has a whiff of the story and the humiliation of a public outing would spell the end of the athlete's career, not to mention the mountains of cash they're both making through endorsements.

Inevitably, the AFL player's addiction is irrepressible and his alter ego must be set free.

With more than 40 years in the business and a string of box office successes, David Williamson (The Club, Don's Party, Let the Sunshine) has earned a reputation as our country's most popular and successful playwright. Managing Carmen is Williamson's latest laugh-out-loud instalment, holding a mirror up to the personalities we've all come to love and hate - the whatever-it-takes businessman, the bimbo trophy wife, and of course, the flawed footy hero.

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"David Williamson is at the top of his game with Managing Carmen, his new play about a cross-dressing AFL footballer. It's immensely funny, zips along faster than the NBN, and has a pay-off that's poignant in its plea for tolerance in our sport-obsessed society." Stage Whispers
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"Fifteen minutes into the first quarter of David Williamson's Managing Carmen and Brent Lyall, a star AFL footballer, has already taken a high tackle from his hottie girlfriend, had a clanger with his manager and been caught wearing women's clothes by his acting coach. Not a good look for Brent's sponsors. By full time, Williamson's witty banter and colourful characters have hit their mark. No wonder he's already working on the screenplay." The Australian
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"Managing Carmen is unashamedly and brilliantly boulevard theatre of the kind that Georges Feydeau perfected in the 19th century, and which had and still has audiences rocking with laughter. Opening nighters on Thursday stood at the end to applaud playwright, cast and the production. It's that good." Kate Foy, Greenroom
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Absolutely loved it!
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7:26 PM - 27/12/2012
By Jessica Mitchell
If there was the opportunity, I would have seen this many times over. The play was witty and many sections rang so true. Managing Carmen, please come back to Brisbane soon.
Managing Carmen; a show not to miss!
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4:17 PM - 28/10/2012
By Janelle Colquhoun
Hysterical! This script was Williamson at his wittiest, the story was wonderfully topical and the direction, staging and acting masterful. What a terrific and fun piece of theatre, and definitely not to be missed. This was probably the funniest show I’ve attended in a long time, and the rapid fire of dialogue only stopped long enough for characters to slip from footy jersey into another designer sequenced dress! Congratulations to everyone involved in the production, and my huge thanks that this was one of QTC’s audio described plays; I could laugh at the same time as everyone else in the audience as all the visuals were described to me by volunteer describers at the back of the theatre speaking to me through a headset. I’m delighted to see a lot more audio described plays in the QTC 2013 season, and can’t wait!
A bit disappointing
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11:13 PM - 27/10/2012
By Ron
With such classic australian plays such as Emerald City and Dons Party, Managing Carmen is a bit disappointing
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12:54 PM - 26/10/2012
By Isabel
Loved every minute! Highly amusing (read: HILARIOUS!) storyline, amazing fast paced, interactive set and clever integration of technology and projections - if you only see one play this year, make it Managing Carmen!
Williamson at his best
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10:52 PM - 19/10/2012
By Paul Evans, McKays
A clever, well paced and very well acted play. Well worth going out of your way to see. Surprises come at unexpected times in ways that keep the audience engaged to the very end.

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