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Don’t miss Le Noir - All remaining tickets just $49*! Available now until end of show season.
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Le Noir – The Dark Side of Cirque

Venue Lyric Theatre, QPAC
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Dates 1 to 17 Aug 2014

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This is a past event. Tickets are not available for this event.
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Don’t miss Le Noir - All remaining tickets just $49*! Available now until end of show season.

Enter the captivating world of Le Noir, a truly unique and electrifying theatrical experience featuring 22 of the greatest cirque performers on the planet, all of whom are award winning athletes and many former stars of Cirque du Soleil. Never before has a cast of this calibre been seen in Australia.

The Australian premiere of Le Noir, direct from a sold out world tour will see for the first time ever, the Lyric Theatre transformed to seat audiences around a custom-built circular stage giving a spectacular 360 degree view of the performance and bringing the heart pounding action closer than ever before.

World class acrobats, musicians, speciality acts and comedians are the centre piece of the production and will enthral audiences in this spell-binding theatrical journey. This production is surreal, beautiful, seductive and at times hilariously risqué.

With incredible displays of balance, contortion, stamina, aerial artistry and death defying acts, such as the Colombian Wheel of Death, the skills exhibited by the cast of Le Noir is a show that you don’t want to miss.

Le Noir will also feature an act never before seen in Australia! The Aerial Cradle as performed by Chilly and Fly. An incredible duo with almost super human spatial awareness that allows them to traverse the boundaries of flight - hand to hand, feet to feet.

“Precarious and impossible in ways that defy the imagination...”
The Straits Times

“All you can do is gasp and grab the person seated next to you as you’re stunned by aerialists, trapeze artistes and crazy roller-skaters bathed in dazzling LED – lit choreography.”

“Surreal, beautiful, seductive and at times hilariously risqué.”
Time Out Singapore

“It not only dazzles the eye but stops the heart”
Stage Whispers

“Le Noir is magnificent in its simplicity but also spellbinding in its brilliance.”
Theatre People

“melding of physics, physique and psyche is what makes us marvel...”
The Courier Mail

“Glimpses into darker, intimate side of cirque take your breath away
The Australian

“If you are looking to be transported into new realms of spectacle and sensation then this is definitely the performance for you.”
Arts Hub

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The Wheel of Death
One of the world's most complex circus stunts that will have audiences on the edge of their seats. The act features two acrobats who perform high risk feats atop and inside a pair of spinning wheels rotating high above the stage.

Aerial Cradle – Chilly & Fly
In an Australian premiere, Chilly & Fly bring the Aerial Cradle to Brisbane audiences. Unlike the traditional aerial cradles seen before, Chilly and Fly will take audiences on a journey of explosive technique and creative momentum that will reach the fabric of the soul of audiences.
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Le Noir – The Dark Side of Cirque, at QPAC

Watch Chilly & Fly in rehearsal

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11:41 PM - 24/09/2014
By Barb Schmidt
Loved this show. It was better than Cirque Du Soleil and that is the truth. It is a small company of performers which makes the show more intimate, but in no way lacks the pizazz of Cirque. The costumes are sexy and so are the performers, the acts fantastic and the music great. Do yourself a favour and see this show, you will not regret it.
Outstanding Performances & Costuming
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2:53 PM - 8/09/2014
By Mel
Circuses these days are no longer the cliched big-top with poorly treated animals. Now we have amazing performers with incredible skills, and Le Noir is no exception. Spectacular physical feats from performers with and without props, demonstrating strength, dexterity, flexibility, and humour. The costuming was wonderful, with the colour themes progressing through the show with white, black and red. There were some 'gasp' moments too, especially during the finale on the double-wheeled Wheel of Death, where two performers ran on the inside AND outside of the wheels. A wonderful combination of dance, acrobatics and humour makes this a must see. Oh, but for adults only! The only downside was that, from our side row balcony seats, there were a couple of times when we could not see what was happening as our view was partially restricted.
Amazing! Can I have it on dvd to watch it over again
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9:34 PM - 17/08/2014
By Jessie Emerson
Fantastic mix of incredible acts, breathtaking stunts and a very ckeeky fool. Le Noir giving us a circus with a dark side, a gothic persuasion and erotic themes, not one for the little ones but definitely worth every cent you pay to see it. All I want to know now is, is it on dvd so I can relieve the spectacular spectical again and again
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7:21 PM - 9/08/2014
By Michelle Cartlidge
What talented young ladies and gentlemen. The audience was captivated from start to finish. The costumes breathtaking, the acts enthralling, including audience members was certainly a plus and the MC's comedy act was hilarious. The gravity defying acts were just mind blowing. Everyone has to see this show!!!

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