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...bonds stellar technique to dramatic expression.Los Angeles Times Dynamic, rich and gripping theater...
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The Hamburg Ballet: Nijinsky

Venue Playhouse, QPAC
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Dates 26 to 28 Aug 2012

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...bonds stellar technique to dramatic expression.
Los Angeles Times

Dynamic, rich and gripping theater...
The Washington Post

Since 1975, The Hamburg Ballet Artistic Director John Neumeier has presented an annual Nijinsky Gala in honour of his enigmatic idol Vaslav Nijinsky.

Neumeier’s powerful full-length ballet Nijinsky continues the homage in a gripping exploration of the greatest ballet figure of the twentieth century.

Russian dancer and choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky is considered one of the most gifted male dancers in history with a legendary ability to perform seemingly gravity defying leaps. As a choreographer Nijinsky established provocative new directions and a dance vision that pointed the way towards modern choreography.

Get an insight into The Hamburg Ballet's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Observe The Hamburg Ballet take class and then join Artistic Director John Neumeier as he shares his philosophy, ideas, his musical and choreographic choices.

An Insight into The Hamburg Ballet's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Your chance to see one of the world’s greatest choreographers at work.

Some of the most popular events on The Hamburg Ballet’s calendar are the special introductory workshops to brief audiences on the concept and realisation of new ballets.  The company’s artistic director, the legendary choreographer John Neumeier, takes to the stage with a microphone. Behind him are all his dancers in practice clothes, warming up at the barre.


Absolutely beautiful and capturing
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7:34 PM - 27/12/2012
By Jessica Mitchell
This ballet was different to most other ballets I've seen, but it was absolutely beautiful. Each move was beautifully smooth and eloquent and the story behind the ballet quite moving. Would love to see the Hamburg Ballet again soon.
Not what I expected
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8:44 AM - 30/08/2012
By Melinda
The Hamburg ballet dancers are wonderful dancers and now having read about Nijinsky's life I can see that the story line was a good portrayal. The style of the dancing, however, was not to my taste. It was jerky and out of sync. Not beautiful at all. The second half was nothing short of torturous with the war and his mental disorder making viewing arduous. Should have stuck with the classics!

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