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Bringing together a stellar creative team lead by Zen Zen Zo Artistic Director Lynne Bradley, this production will be a no-


Venue Cremorne Theatre, QPAC
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Dates 4 to 20 Aug 2011

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Bringing together a stellar creative team lead by Zen Zen Zo Artistic Director Lynne Bradley, this production will be a no-holds barred portrayal of the politics and sexuality that characterised the subversive and decadent cabarets of the last days of the German Weimar Republic. 

Featuring award-winning Brisbane singer/songwriters Emma Dean as Sally Bowles, and Sandro Colarelli as the Emcee, the music will be played live by an outrageous Salon Orchestra - led by musical director extraordinaire, John Rodgers

Drawing from Zen Zen Zo's infamous dance-theatre style (which combines Butoh, Burlesque, Contemporary, Camp), the Cabaret chorus will be made up of Zen Zen Zo's senior company members. Together they will bring to life the colourful cabaret world populated by the marginalised "Others" - artists, gypsies, queers, Jews - at the time that Hitler was coming to power. 

QPAC & PowerArts present Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre's Cabaret (book by Joe Masteroff, music by John Kander, Lyrics by Fred Ebb).  

CABARET has Audio-described services available.

Meet the Cast of Zen Zen Zo's Cabaret

Emma Dean
as Sally Bowles
Sandro Colarelli as the Emcee
Matthew Hadgraft as Cliff Bradshaw

The Kit Kat Klub has been relocated to QPAC's Cremorne Theatre and features a colourful cast of talented misfits. Sally Bowles, the 19-year-old English cabaret performer is embodied by Emma Dean, a sing/songwriter who has performed nationally in sold-out shows, festival and supported the likes of The Dresden Dolls and Katie Noonan. The leering and ghoulish figure persiding over the club is The Emcee, played by award winning Australian actor, singer and producer, Sandro Colarelli, someone who is no stranger to the darker side of performing. Finally the wide-eyed American writer Cliff Bradshaw, coming to Berlin in the hopes of finding inspiration, is played by Matthew Hadgraft, a multi-talented performer who is inspirational to watch.

Get an insight into the action behind the scenes and check out what you can expect from Zen Zen Zo's Cabaret in this Q&A with the cast.

QPAC: What should audiences expect from this performance?
Emma Dean: Humping, grinding, raw eggs, screams of pain and ecstasy, cross-dressing, pink chairs, pink bits, pink lips, love, hate, fear, freaks and a celebration of "otherness". Oh and did I mention killer songs and choreography?
Sandro Colarelli: A cutting edge musical, a version of Cabaret they won't expect.
Matthew Hadgraft: Everything they won't see in another musical. It will be lewd.

Q: What have you learnt from the story of Cabaret?
MH: To celebrate diversity because you can't homogenise a race without enormous consequences.
ED: That although the story takes place in 1933, we are still faced with the same issues and conflicts more than 60 years later.

Q: Who most suits thir character?
SC: Me of course! The Emcee is an enigmatic puzzle of a character and draws his inspiration from lots of different influences and is able to see beneath the surface to see what is at the core of a person or situation.
MH: Earl as Herr Schultz- because by default he belongs to so many minority groups. And Emma Dean because she's insane.
ED: I think Matt (Cliff) and Sandro (Emcee) are beautifully cast. Sometimes it seems like they are just an exaggerated version of themselves on stage. Wow factor x 1000!

: Rehearsals are pretty serious, but some craziness has to occur. Any stories you can share?
SC:  I told everyone that the lead actress from TV series Miranda was paying the cast a visit. But it turned out to be one of the band members in costume (the all-male band have dresses for their costumes!).
MH: In rehearsal one day, we got the costume changes wrong so instead of Sam (Ernst Ludwig) opening his jacket to reveal a Nazi armband on his arm, he had no arm band and was wearing only a pair of shiny pink knickers!
ED: There is nothing funny about drinking raw eggs. Not even the raw egg burps and DEFINITELY not the raw egg fluffs.

Q: What's your favourite part of the show?
SC: Fabulous choreography and musical numbers.
MH: When Jillian and Earl sing and dance together - it's utterly charming!
ED: I have so many!!! The choreography in Money is outstanding. I also love watching the relationship between Herr Schultz and Fraulein Schneider evolve. And of course being able to sing one of my favourite musical theatre songs -- the all powerful Cabaret... I feel so honored to have that opportunity.

Q: Black Forest Cake, Sauerkraut or Bratwurst?
ED: As a gluten-free vego, I'm going with Sauerkraut!
SC: Black Forest Cake because I don't eat meat and Sauerkraut gives you gas.
MH: Sauerkraut sandwiched between Black Forest Cake and Bratwurst topped off with a Prairie oyster

Q: Have you picked up any German while doing the show? What's your favourite phrase?
SC: There was a lovely girl called Helga who I picked up at a bar the other evening...
ED: "Prost" -- after this comes drinking, you see....
MH: "Irre Passe Bitte" is the only thing I can remember! It's not from the show, but I hear the German phrase for "that path is big" is "Das Far ist Gross".

Check out Emma, Sandro and Matthew in Cabaret from 4 to 20 August.


Download the Teachers' Notes [PDF 1.91MB] for Cabaret

This production will be a no-holds barred portrayal of the politics and sexuality that characterised the subversive and decadent cabarets of the last days of the German Weimar Republic, drawing from Zen Zen Zo's infamous dance-theatre style (combining Burlesque, Contemporary, and Camp).

A post-show discussion will follow performances on 9, 11, 16 & 18 August.  An immersion program of performance+discussion+workshop is available for limited numbers.  

Optional workshops 
Dates 9, 11, 16 & 18 August 1.30-2.30pm (capacity min 20 max 35 students)
Tickets additional $14 per student

Left confused and uninspired
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3:39 PM - 6/01/2012
By Lisa
This is not what I expected from Zen Zen Zo or from Cabaret. It was like a weird piece of amateur musical theatre. It was billed as physical theatre inspired by Cabaret. For me it was not Physical Theatre and I didn't see any evidence of it bring the company or directors own interpretation.

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