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Patrons with mobility difficulties

For the convenience of patrons who have difficulty walking, a specific set down area is now open in the QPAC basement 90 minutes prior to and one hour after performances in the QPAC Concert Hall and Lyric Theatre.

Entry to the set down area is from the tunnel entrance at Grey Street. Please note that the entrance has a height restriction of two metres. After dropping off their passenger/s, drivers will then proceed up the ramp to Little Stanley Street. A left hand turn will take drivers to Melbourne Street from which they can proceed to car parks at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre or South Bank.

The basement set down area will also be open for one hour after performances, with entry again from Grey Street.

Kindly respect the needs of people with mobility difficulties and only use the set down area if dropping off patrons for the Concert Hall or Lyric Theatre who have difficulty walking. An alternative set down point is located in Grey Street just 50 metres from our main foyer. This point is also the most suitable position for patrons attending performances in the Playhouse. Refer to the map below for more information.

Please be aware that the set down area has limited capacity and delays are expected. Please check the start time of your show and allow enough time for your trip.

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